​Elite Pools and Spas 2013WINTERIZATION CONTRACT 2013

You can choose to have a full service closing (where EPS does everything) or you can choose to modify your closing (where EPS performs only the services you want us to do). Please refer to the section below that references which type of closing you are interested in.  There is a separate section for additional winterization services.


Email policy:  We do NOT sell your information. We utilize your email as a means of communication and to provide you with special savings promotions, coupons, and offers available only to our current clients.

Diving boards, slides, & pool lights on all in ground pools will remain in place. Heaters on all above ground pools will remain in place. Winter home owners choosing a modified closing are responsible for draining the water 1" below the returns. In the event that water is not drained, there will be an additional charge between $100 and $150 depending on pool size and water level.  

All pools should remain operational until the day the pool is closed.  Even though you may not be using the pool, it is imperative to keep the pool water circulating and chemically treated until closing.  Bringing a water sample in to the store 1 week prior to closing is recommended, in order to balance chemicals and ensure a successful closing. We will be happy to assist you in preparing the pool for the winter season. Unfortunately, EPS cannot accept responsibility for the condition of the pool water at the time of closing, pools in poor condition will usually open the following spring in equally poor condition.  We recommend closing the pool only after the water is clear, clean , and balanced. Winterization services do not include clearing or cleaning the pool . We can provide these services at an additional cost prior to the closing. Please contact the office for assistance, if you have any questions.

While we try to ensure that all winter covers are tightly secured for winter there are still times that a cover may come unsecured . Due to the nature of our weather, covers are exposed to prolonged cold, rain, and ice. These can damage the cover and cables or cause the cover to blow off or fall in.  EPS cannot be responsible for your winter cover.  We will attempt to secure your cover as best we can for the winter season.  We cannot secure items to the pool cover or remove decking,  or attach the cover in any unconventional manner.  Should you need assistance over the winter with a cover that has fallen in or needs to be replaced we can assist you with that at an additional fee.  Inground Automatic pool covers require the pool owner to fill the water level back to the manufacturer recommended level after closing.

MMG Enterprises, Inc. DBA Elite Pools and Spas is not responsible for the safety of the pool and/or equipment . It is the responsibility of the homeowner/property owner to ensure the safety of the pool throughout the winter. Elite Pools winterizes the pool from weather only and accepts no responsibility for the safety equipment, whether present or not . We recommend all pools to be secured with a winter cover. In ground pools should be secured with a safety cover that has secured anchors into the concrete decking around the pool. It is the responsibility of the homeowner/property owner to provide the necessary equipment for their swimming pool. Elite accepts no liability for injury or drowning.

Closing the pool prior to inclement weather is very important we cannot be responsible for damage done to your pool and/or its equipment should it sustain weather damage prior to your closing date or after first  freeze. Elite carefully , professionally winterizes every pool to protect your investment. However, it is impossible to guarantee that damage and freeze breaks will never occur. It is possible to incur damage from the ground shifting , pipes that are aged , or tree roots and other underground objects interfering with the system integrity. Freeze damage is clearly visible and identifiable, as long as all conditions of the closing contract are met. Freeze damage ONLY will be repaired by Elite. All other costs, landscaping , concrete, decking , etc. is the responsibility of the homeowner.   

EPS reserves the right to reschedule your closing date in the event of inclement weather for the safety of our employees. EPS must be given at least (1) week notice to cancel an already scheduled closing.  In the event that we do not receive notice your deposit will be forfeited.

Payment for closing services is due at the time of service.  If you cannot be present at that time you may authorize your closing to be charged to a credit card. 

Should we arrive to close your pool and no party is present and no payment arrangements have been made your deposit will be forfeited.

All current customers must have all outstanding invoices paid in full prior to the closing date.  If payment is not received and your closing must be rescheduled there will be a $35.00 service charge.  If the closing is not rescheduled the deposit will be forfeited. All services are subject to a gasoline surcharge of $10.00 -$15.00.

Payment is due at the time of closing.  All returned checks will be subject to a $35.00 fee.  Any balance not paid shall be subjected to any and all methods of collection at the debtors expense, including but not limited to attorneys fees. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Full Service Winterization including chemicals: Drain water below returns, skim pool & vacuum (not to exceed 30 min.). Equipment systems, including above ground systems that will remain outside, and all pool lines will be drained, pool antifreeze  is added to skimmers, main lines, & equipment . Water features and in floor
cleaning systems additional. Skimmer lids are covered with plastic & handrails, ladders, and baskets are removed. Above ground pools with removable systems will be drained, disconnected & hoses removed from pool. Final water test  & winter chemical  kit is added  &  cover is installed, solid tarp covers with water bags additional $80 ABG/$145 ING.
Six gallons antifreeze included.    

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​Above Gr. 18 ‘    $320.00

​Above Gr. 21’-30’    $395.00

​Above Gr. Oval/Over  $420.00​In Ground  to 15 X 30     $610.00
​​Inground to 18 X 36 $730.00 ​In ground  to 20 X 40 $759.00​In ground Oversize $950.00​Attached Spa with pool $200.00


​Modified Winterization Service:  Homeowner is responsible for draining the pool 1 “ below  returns prior to the closing . Equipment systems and all pool lines will be drained, pool antifreeze is added to skimmers, main pool lines, & equipment on in ground  pools. Above ground pools with hard pipe, main drains, heaters, and/or equipment that will remain outside will also be drained  & pool antifreeze added. Specialty lines (slides, fill lines, water features, in floor cleaning systems) are charged additionally, see below for pricing.  Removal of handrails, ladders, and baskets is included.   Six gallons antifreeze included.    


Pool Type & Size​Above Ground
Round up
to 30’
​On Ground
Pools and/or
Oversize Ovals
​Above Gr. with hard pipe, main drain, heater, or equipment remains  outside​InGround
Up to 20 X 40
Over 20 X 40
​Inground up to
20 X 40
attached spa
w/ shared equipment
​​Inground  over
 20 X 40
attached spa w/ shared equipment
​Cost ​$140.00 ​$150.00$250.00 $​330.00 ​$350.00 ​$530.00550.00
​Vacuum  & Skim​$70.00
30 min.
30 min.
30 min.
30 min.
45 min.
45 min.
45 min.
Install Cover ​Standard    $100
Waterbags $120
​Standard    $100
Waterbags $135
​Standard    $100
Water bags $135
​Mesh Safety $65
Solid Safety  $80 Waterbags   $165
Auto – N/C
​Mesh Safety $75
Solid Safety  $90 Waterbags $185
Auto – N/C
​Mesh Safety  $85
Solid Safety   $90
Waterbags    $165
Auto – N/C
​Mesh Safety  $95
Solid Safety   $90 Waterbags    $165
Auto – N/C
​​Basic Close Kit ​$45.00$45.00 ​$55.00$55.00 ​$175.00 ​$175.00 ​$195.00
Deluxe includes: Winter algaecide, Winter Metal Free, Pool Magic Spring & Fall + Phosfree, Winter shock, Winter floating chlorine cartridge,  $5.00 coupon for 2014 opening  kit
​Above Gr. Hard pipe & System Winterization $105.00​Above Gr. Heater  only Winterization $85.00​**NEW ** Above Ground Cover Wrap  helps seal cover from wind & debris (pool must be free of obstructions, i.e. decks)     $50.00 ​Above ground portable stair removal $40 ​Salt Cell
​Cartridge Filter
Cleaning &
​In ground small water feature $45/each​In ground large water features   $60/each​Fill lines, slide lines, & other specialty lines  $60/each​​In floor cleaning systems    $150.00
​Portable Spa winterization:     Includes draining tub, removing as much water as possible from the spa lines and the spa equipment, add biodegradable antifreeze, and secure cover.                  $250.00 plus antifreeze

Please fill in the balance of the contract and submit a $225.00 non-refundable deposit.

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